3 Vital Advantages of a Hair Salon Software


It is a fact about small businesses that 20% fail in their first year and 50% in their fifth year. Can you tell me what is the reason for this? The major reason which researchers observed behind the failure is that they prefer to stick with old business methods. Successful organizations are those that adopt change at the right time. Those days are now has become past in which hair salons use pen and paper. If still, you are one of them stop using this method it’s not going to help you.

All hair salons are now rapidly adopting new technologies, being a hair salon owner, you should do that. This technology helps a lot in the automation and streamlining of processes which is the best way to run a business in a smooth form. A great example of technological advancement is Hair Salon Software. This is an affordable and reliable software and can-do miracles for your salon business.

You can use this software as your marketing and personal assistant. It manages your employees, marketing activities, maintaining inventory, and attracting clients, these are all factors that can make or drown your business. Don’t you want to manage all these factors in an efficient way to pave the road of growth for your business?

Advantages of Software:

Here are some of the benefits of the software that will help you to rise in this intense competition.

1.   24×7 Facility of Appointment Booking:

The most significant benefit of this software is that it allows customers to book their appointments round the clock. Now customers don’t have to bound themselves to book appointment through phone calls. Convenience is a key that software has given to customers and they are loving that authority.

Another benefit of Hair Salon Software is that it gives customers a complete view of all the available slots. They can book a slot for an appointment as per their preferences and also minimized their waiting time at the hair salon. It is also easy for them to change their appointment schedule or cancel an appointment without being getting panic.

Consumers book an appointment online and can also add a description of the type of hair cut they want from you. Knowing beforehand what your customer wants will save time spent on attending to each customer and also make you prepared beforehand for each customer. All these benefits not only enhance the experience of a customer but also increase the profitability of your hair salon.

2.   Reduction in Decreased Attendance:

Research showed that SMS reminders have reduced no shows up to 70%. Every hair salon fears no shows and the major reason reported for no shows is that customers forget about their appointments. Especially when they haven’t recently booked an appointment. Sometimes customers also show up at the wrong date and time and some of them don’t even ready to accept that it’s their fault.

The automatic reminder feature of Wellyx is a perfect solution for it. This software automatically initiates reminders for customers via SMS and Email. The reminder service will help customers to make in time for the hair salon. This will also free up your time for other tasks.

Instead of calling every client to confirm whether they are coming or not, it is better to spend time on your customers and to attend to more clients. This software is a great source of collecting customers information. It collects by providing online sign-up forms to clients. The system will send reminders periodically for appointments automatically.

3.   Increase the Experience of Customer:

This software is capable of ensuring quality customer service by reducing your effort. It helps you to meet clients expectations continuously. For example, you have a customer who is having a hair cut from your salon for several months you can send him a gentle overview of other services you are offering.

Find out which customers haven’t visited your hair salon and send them a “miss you” message with attractive offers. Once they book an appointment in your salon again send them a message of warm welcome back.

The other issue which Hair Salon Management Software has solved is double bookings. They can be a huge cause of inconvenience for you, especially for your clients. When you make customers wait after giving them an appointment there are huge chances that you will lose those customers due to their dissatisfaction.

Take Away:

This software is a basic necessity for small hair salons because they have to develop a better strategy for the growth of business in which software will help them. In the growth phase, this software by managing all your important activities provides you with a competitive edge.  The applicability of software can bring a high velocity to the growth of your business. Accepting changes is the only road that leads you to success.


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