Charities ride the crypto mining wave for funds

Charities ride the crypto mining wave for funds

Charities ride the crypto mining wave for funds

Charity seekers have also turned the proverbial corner, as fund-givers ascend the digital economy. It is no longer difficult and is, in fact, fashionable for non-profit organizations to receive and seek funds via innovative products, like crypto mining. Launching the change from traditional to the decentralized database format is a high-profile non-profit organization, is beginning its crypto campaign for funds was only cloning similar action of global charities as they found donors excited about indulging in this act of selflessness. Many who do have a commitment to donate, may have the heart to provide, but may not have the resources to fulfill this wish will now be able to contribute with the simple act of mining for cryptocurrency at the app designated by the organization.

Mining Screensaver App

The media, this organization will deploy to receive and to seek funds is the “Mining Screen Saver.” The latter, apparently has the ability to change things the world over, by the mere use of rechanneling the processing power of computers located across the world.

Every donor to the cause only has to be downloaded and install the app, which is a screensaver. This will set up the process for donors to engage in mining coins which will be diverted towards donations to the Foundation Fund.

The idea of this type of mining is that donors who wish to make a change via this non-profit will have to dedicate their computers, during the non-working hours, to mine for cryptocurrencies. The screensaver app is essentially a botnet which will mine for ‘digital gold,’ with its pre-programmed operations.

The freshness and the innovation that the mining process offers donors are indeed exciting, say industry analysts. However, there are many who are questioning the direction in which donation funds are going.

While many do not dispute that non-profits do have a role to play in the given set up of the society, yet the immediate utilization of such funds has to be thought worthy. However, the contention here is that can use the funds such mining will eventually contribute actually make a difference, considering the commitment of the Fund is to “change the world”?

The idea of ‘voluntary’ will fast overrule the idea that cryptocurrency mining via a botnet will suffice to complete the contribution.

UNICEF too uses bots for charity funds

For the international organization, UNICEF, the use of crypto mining bots has been a boon and has been using its own crypto miners for this purpose. But it does differ from in terms of the interface. UNICEF uses a webpage to allow donors to mine for cryptos than a screensaver.

The funds from UNICEF crypto mining webpage are being utilized for charitable causes, especially children who are victims of political unrest and survive in refugee camps. The number of donors working on this webpage is well over 19,000 as of current page statistics.


The play of such generous acts of donation also has others who are exploiting such ventures for commercial purposes such as ad revenues. CBS Showtime and Salon is known offenders here, as they have been running such mining bots on their websites.