Digital Cloth Printing Machine

Cloth Banner Printing Machine

Hot selling digital Cloth Banner Printing Machine is a revolutionary new generation of digital printing technology, it is capable to print out the highest quality images on almost any type of fabric. The digital prints have rich colors and are highly durable, can withstand, water resistance, and are waterproof. There is no need to hem or glue the fabric, as the images are transferred directly to the material by the using a laser printer. These machines come with various options. It depends upon the requirement and budget.

When you go for buying a T-shirt with a digital cloth printing machine, there are certain things that need to be considered. The size of the cloth, its clarity, the printing capability and the thread count of the fabric. The printing machines vary in the way they print the fabric, which includes the inkjet, LED, direct thermal transfer fabrics. There is a different way of cutting the fabric, depending upon the type of machine.

The most common types of fabric that needs to be printed are the polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton fabric printing machine. The most popular brands in the market are Sunoco, amic, and Sunstroke. The Sunoco digital fabric printing machine is suitable for printing high quality cotton fabrics.

A popular brand among different users is Colorjet. It offers one of the newer models of T-shirts printing machine. Its inkjet technology uses non-toxic and safe inks, which provides vibrant colors and exceptional quality. It also uses dye sublimation technique for printing intricate and vivid colors.

If you are looking for an all-in-one machine to print polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton and various other fabrics, Vastrajet by Colorjet Group is the best option for you. It offers the convenience of using push button, push lock and flip slide technology for your printing needs. It has a special laser coating for shiny finish. It also has an automatic thread count technology for higher quality prints. There is an option of thermal tape for sealing the product during shipping. This is one of the most popular brands for its high quality and colorful prints.

If you need to print polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton, silk, satin or any other fabric with excellent color and shade, Vastrajet can help you achieve your goals. It utilizes the most advanced dye sublimation technology for high quality and vivid prints. It produces the best quality prints and best color shades. It can produce an image that appears similar to full-colored cotton cloth. It also has an option of thermal tape for sealing the finished product.

The fabric printing machine uses the Sublimation Technology that delivers vivid, smooth, professional results with minimum mess and minimal wastage. It uses the latest polyester and nylon dye sublimation processes that produce highly accurate color. It can produce both text and photos in vibrant colors. It can also process thicker materials such as denim, leather and acrylic.

For larger areas and faster turnaround, the digital print head offers high speed printing with minimum defects. The print head has an option of spraying or drooling to add texture, giving a hand crafted look to the fabric. It uses high quality industrial strength components and heavy duty motor and controller components.

The digital printing machine is ideal for printing on heavier materials. It is equipped with the features needed for printing on both flat and textured fabrics. It is easy to clean and maintain. It is especially suitable for large quantity printing that requires a low number of runs and high quality color and tone combinations.

The Digital Cloth Fabric printing machine uses high speed solid ink sublimation technology to transfer digital images and color pigments through fine fabric pieces using heat and pressure. This technique results in quick heat removal of the pigment from the fibers. The result is a high quality finish that will last for years. It prints well on cotton, polyester and nylon fabrics. The prints last for years even with daily wear and tear. It can be easily repaired with proper cleaning and ironing.

Another type of the sublimation printing equipment is the dye sublimation printing machine. This is a newer technology that uses pressurized water, a dye and a heat source to transfer the image or colorant to the cloth.



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