‘Go’ Board-game in Exciting New Blockchain Avatar ‘GoBlock’

‘Go’ Board-game in Exciting New Blockchain Avatar ‘GoBlock’

‘Go’ Board-game in Exciting New Blockchain Avatar ‘GoBlock’

The Blockchain Inc. will work with a specialist player of Go, the ancient Chinese board game’s Lee Sedol, to develop an exciting new version in blockchain avatar.  It is over 4,500 years old and is played widely in the region.  Technology giants such as Google Inc., have been pursuing development of the game in modern adaptations.

Sedol who turned professional in this game since the age of 12 is regarded as a Master Player in Go and helped develop the online version of it with Google Inc. The game was called AlphaGo, and it eventually defeated Sedol and other grandmasters in the game. It is regarded as a game more complex than Chess.

Two years into his defeat from the Artificial Intelligence player – Google’s Alpha Go, Sedol has announced a blockchain version called ‘GoBlock.’

Sedol will collaborate with a technology company, The Blockchain Inc, which dominates the South Korean market development with its spread of products and services. Sedol will work with the cryptocurrency player, who is currently poised to release a wallet for a website named CoinUs. The Blockchain Inc. will also develop a portable device to help in storing digital assets offline.

Professional League

GoBlock has an ambitious game plan for GoBlock along with being a host for the online professional league for Go players located in South Korea, China, and Japan. The highlight of the online gaming platform will be to offer a rewards system which will support league supporters as well as players, advertisers, and viewers. The scope for these games is wide, says Sedol, “I was drawn to the blockchain technology due to decentralization and transparency features. If blockchain technology and the token economy are applied to Go game, it will be able to expand the game’s ecosystem and bring about unforeseen changes to the game’s ecosystem,”

The technology for GoBlock will be Ethereum’s infrastructure, where blockchain protocols are drivers. The focus of the platform will be the reward system and will ensure seamless management of the platform. Tokens shall be issued to support leagues, match records as well as game players.

The advent of GoBlock signifies the arrival of Blockchain as a technology with wide-spread industry applications. The use of the decentralized database system will offer scope for horizontal expansion of the systems and hence introduces a dynamic method of developing a platform.

The gaming industry in flux

The gaming industry has been in flux in terms of the technologies used across the genres. The game industry has a rich vocabulary for gaining funds, and in June, Zombie Battleground was a game that was crowdfunded with CryptoZombies. The funding campaign was spread over 60 days, with the price cap to be achieved being $250,000. The campaign was oversubscribed, and in just 27 days it has already raised $270,000 and 30 days remaining!

GoBlock is all set to change gaming industry trends, with its far-spread of gaming experience and the online reward system. The game is expected to be sustained by the decentralized spectrum of the platform on the Ethereum skeleton and the reward system sustaining further adoption of the game.