Google Play Store Tells Developers It Will Not Allow Cryptocurrency Mining Apps

Google Play Store Tells Developers It Will Not Allow Cryptocurrency Mining Apps

Google Play Store Tells Developers It Will Not Allow Cryptocurrency Mining Apps

In a major overhaul of its developer policies, Google has announced that it will no longer allow apps for mining cryptocurrencies on its Play Store, though ‘cloud-based mining apps’ will be allowed to continue.

Though the ban was expected, the timing of the technology giant’s policy update for developers’ draws attention from industry observers.

Types of Banned apps

Apart from a host of other category apps, it has also banned apps which run “disruptive ads.” It has also banned repetitive apps, that is, apps which are very similar in the experience they deliver to customers and are already available in the store.

The provision thus far on the store, was that apps which have some features which are different from another app and are unique in some of the features were allowed. However, if the content appears copies from an existing app and there are no value-additions either by the same app developer or by other developers then they will be banned from the store.

Another category of apps which the store is reconsidering are those which are created using automated tools or wizard service, and even templates cannot be accepted at the online marketplace. It has also regulated the submission of operator-based service apps on Google Play on behalf of other persons, according to Company rules.

The apps which are associated with firearms and its accessories are also banned. The company states that apps which “facilitate the sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition, or certain firearms accessories” will be restrained, similar to YouTube’s restrictions on these types of products.

Apart from such apps another category which is banned are those who ‘appeal to children’ but are based on themes which are adult in their content.  Other apps that were flagged by the store include those who impersonate people, organizations which hide their purpose and apps that lure users to click on advertisements, demand personal information on ads prior to their use.

Cryptocurrency Apps

In the exact context of cryptocurrency apps, the restriction by the app developer is that apps which are associated with cloud mining will not be applicable. Google has a complete ban on cryptocurrency mining apps but will allow such apps that “mine outside of the device, like cloud-based mining.”

The technology major has been cracking down on apps on the store that do not comply with the guidelines the company provides from time to time.  The focus of the ‘equal opportunity’ technology innovator is to ensure fair rules which protect its end customers. The broad cross-section of users who use the store to download apps also includes those who are crypto-curious or have limited knowledge of mining for coins. In order to protect the ecosystem and the consumers, the search-engine giant has revised the app-listing on its platform.

In addition, children are a vulnerable segment of users of the store and thus including guidelines to omit apps which include adult content on apps which may have children as users are pre-emptive in its policy.

For years now Google’s intrinsic value has been its ability to adapt to new market forces and introduce guidelines which are based on fair play.