Is There a Chance For Silk Road Founder To Get a Break From Jail?

Is There a Chance For Silk Road Founder To Get a Break From Jail?

Is There A Chance For Silk Road Founder To Get A Break From Jail?

Silk Road’s high profile founder, Ross Ulbricht, is undergoing a life sentence for his alleged role in different issues like ‘murder for hire’ and convicted for hacking, money laundering, and drug trafficking. Though he has been in jail for years now, reports suggested that there could be a break for the first time. Until now, he was not given any option of parole, and he suffered a setback last month when the Supreme Court in the United States denied his appeal petition.

Dismiss Charge

An attorney for the Maryland District has filed a petition seeking the dismissal of a ‘murder for hire’ charge against Ulbricht, which is still pending. Interestingly, he was held as one of the persons responsible for bitcoin, as well as, digital currency Digital Gold growth. His role in creating substantial growth in the cryptocurrency market cannot be undermined, reported. However, he appeared to have caught in FBI agents’ ploy in which he set off a contract for murder.

Ulbricht has been charged with six contracted murder for hires, and one among them was dropped. He is still facing the charges that are pending for a trial in a court in Maryland apart from the convictions in the earlier cases. He is finding that moderation is still a long way to go in the absence of any intervention from the legal perspective. However, he is looking at ways to ease the current legal nightmare and is keen on absolving himself from all the issues concerned.

As far as prosecutors, they think that none of the contracted murder for hire was carried out in the original counts. Therefore, they believe in exonerating the Silk Road founder as a non-violent criminal. On the other hand, the charges were mostly in respect of a website operation since that was used to traffic drugs by unlawful means. This charge is also not a substantial one given the society’s changing values.

Therefore, there is a belief that the attorney, Robert Hur, might offer some comfort to the plea for reviewing his sentence successfully. The main reason behind the harsh penalty from the judge was that he was instrumental in procuring murder for hire. This landed him to face imprisonment for his life and that too without parole.

Support Pouring In

Interestingly, support pouring in from most of the digital currency community. This included Erik Vorhees, a long-time industry expert, who is expressing his support for Ulbricht. Also, he condemned the unfair treatment meted out to him mainly because of needless crackdown due to the cryptocurrency offering anonymity clause. Aside from this, there has also been another initiative.

For instance, individuals from the crypto community have joined to seek clemency for Ulbricht, as well as, his life sentence. The petition has managed to get the support of more than 34,000 signatures demonstrating the increasing support for the former founder of Silk Road. If reports are true, his biggest crime was establishing a web portal offering anonymity thus enabling it to route goods and services illegally.