Single Cell Isolation Systems Market Is Expected To Drive By High Incidence Of Infectious Diseases

Cell population was considered homogeneous and conventional cell-based assays provide average responses from a population of many thousands of cells. Hence, it is difficult to understand the complex nature of the cells. The results obtained from such analyses represent an amalgam. In order to better understand the function and variation of cells, researchers need to study a single cell to develop better drug formulation to prevent infectious diseases. Rare cell events, small changes between individual cells, could hold the key to the unresolved questions in cancer, stem cell biology, immunology, developmental biology and neurology, and facilitate therapeutic decision making in precision medicine.

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The number of infectious disease outbreaks across the world has increased steadily. The variety of outbreak causing diseases also went up. According to the Journal of the Royal Society Interface 2014, about 10,643 infectious disease outbreaks were reported across the world in 2014. Global Health Estimates that around 2.74 million death were attributed to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and influenza in 2015. High incidence of infectious diseases is projected to drive demand for new drug formulation to treat or control these diseases. This in turn is anticipated to boost demand for single cell isolation systems market.

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The global single cell isolation systems market can be segmented based on product, application, end-user, and region. In terms of product, the global single cell isolation systems market can be classified into flow cytometry systems, microfluidic systems, laser microdissection systems, and others. The flow cytometry systems segment is projected to account for significant share of the single cell isolation systems market during the forecast period. Flow cytometry is a tool that enables to easily cope with the minute amounts of biological materials. Moreover, flow cytometry helps to analyze the heterogeneous population of cells within a few minutes. Based on application, the global single cell isolation systems market can be categorized into drug discovery, life science research, and others. The drug discovery segment is anticipated to account for large market share owing to wide usage of these systems in the development of new formulation of drugs to treat various diseases. In terms of end-user, the single cell isolation systems market can be divided into research institutes and pharmaceutical & biotechnologies companies. The pharmaceutical & biotechnologies companies segment is expected to expand at a high CAGR during the forecast period owing to high research and development activity to discover new drug formulation to treat diseases.

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