Why Former Brazilian Football Player Enters Into Crypto Currency?

Why Former Brazilian Football Player Enters Into Crypto Currency?

Why Former Brazilian Football Player Enters Into Crypto Currency?

There is a craze for launching a digital currency among different sectors of the society though not everyone could assure quality. A former Brazilian football player, Ronaldinho, has joined the bandwagon to introduce virtual asset. This might not be new as celebrities from different fields are either entering the cryptocurrency market or supporting them through a branding or some other means. That suggested that they are also keen to participate in the emergence of the new financial instrument either directly or indirectly.

Revolutionize Sports

The Brazilian former football player is not the only one person who is looking at the digital currency as there were others like former Chelsea star Didier Drogba. The objective of most of the sportspersons is to take advantage of the market conditions by aligning with virtual assents market for a broad mainstream consciousness. Ronaldinho indicated that his aim of owning a digital coin is to transform sports market at the international levels. The country is witnessing hectic activities in the virtual currency market, which was also evident from the increasing investors’ number.

It is quite clear that the former football magician wants to take advantage of both his popularity and the virtual asset’s growing acceptance. He was not only regarded as one among the most gifted players but was also treated among the all-time greats. Therefore, he has taken the first step of launching his own cryptocurrency, i.e., Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC) with a focus to break through international sports arena, according to a cryptodisrupt.com report.

The ex-football player is pinning his hopes on virtual asset project for creating youth football academies, as well as, host league games at international levels throughout the world. For this purpose, his new digital coin is being used for creating and developing platforms for betting. His long-term objective is to create VR stadiums, which would assist enhance every player by analyzing his or her own skills. This will lead to establishing a blockchain powered database to develop fresh teams.

A Chinese firm, NEO, is entrusted with the responsibility of creating technology for these ventures. The former football player aims to create VRP stadiums in 300 locations across the globe. Initially, his focus is on Africa, South East Asia, and the Middle East. He has fixed a time frame of three years to build those stadiums. In Brazil, football is associated with the digital coin previously too.

Launch before Current Year

Ronaldinho indicated that at least two VR stadiums would be completed before the current month ends in Asia. These stadiums will be launched fully before the current year ends while other stadiums would be launched by July next year. This included Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The sports celebrity said, “Ever since I thought of retiring, I started to think about my life after retirement. I wish to contribute to the world as much as I can.” Though there were other former football players engaged with sports digital currency projects, reports suggested that Ronaldinho seems to be having an edge. That is because of the brand presence, technology, and the ideas. The next one year will hold the key.