Always Believe These 6 Facts about Customized Wine Boxes

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In this highly competitive market, the display of your product matters equally as its quality. The same holds in the case of wine. Wine is itself a high-value, luxurious drink. It symbolizes the importance of a celebration. Although people have been concerned about the taste, color, and texture for ages, presentation is something that can grasp the customer’s attention in a sight. The more adorable your wine packaging looks, the more sales your brand will generate. It’s the reason that businesses today prefer the use of customized cardboard wine boxes to make their products stand out on shelves. There have been several variations up till now in the way brands display their wine collection. From sleek glass bottles to attractively designed custom boxes, the packaging has become more aesthetically appealing. Let us throw light on some of the facts regarding custom wine boxes explaining their use and importance industry-wide:

Wine Boxes Preserve your Wine Longer!

Custom wine boxes were once considered ordinary packaging. But if you get a chance to taste the wine coming in boxes, you will feel the difference. It makes you identify good wine from bad. Such packaging is popular all over the world. The wine packed in cardboard boxes is recognized as a symbol of quality and taste. It ensures that you may store and keep your wine fresh for the time. Often a simple glass bottle is not enough to provide the required level of protection. Once the cork is opened, the wine starts aging. But using these customized wine boxes can eliminate all your worries. They have an airtight and strong lid helping you to seal the wine immediately after consumption. As a result, you may enjoy your beloved drink for a long period without compromising on quality.

Wine Boxes Transport Wine More Effectively:

A wine box is of much significance especially when your wine comes from a distant source.  Most of the wines reach you after traveling hundreds of miles from source to destination. Wine boxes play an important role to ensure better transport and deliver your product damage-free. Using only a glass bottle without any other external packaging is not an effective option in the case of transporting any liquid. Cardboard boxes are sturdy, durable, and last longer. They do not damage easily like glass bottles preventing loss for the manufacturer.

A Cost-Effective Packaging Solution:

The cardboard boxes used for wine packaging are an affordable option to consider. If you go for glass bottles, you have to be very sure about their quality. Moreover, they should not break easily during transportation. For getting the best quality glass you have to spend more money. This will add to your overall product cost. On the other hand, a cardboard wine box is a cheap and effective choice. By using it, your packaging cost can be decreased significantly. It works even more for large order sizes. It’s the reason that majority of businesses prefer the use of custom wine boxes for their product packaging.

They give a Higher Value for Your Money:

Where wrong packaging can lead to drastic effects, the right packaging can generate a higher value for the money you invested. Depending upon your choice, you can design wine boxes to carry as much as four or six bottles or even more! Such type of packaging proves effective in the terms of cost as well as functionality. When a single box can carry your several wine bottles more protectively, then why should you use a separate packaging for each one? Such type of boxes is a preferred choice for businesses and customers who often purchase wine bottles in bulk. Instead of purchasing hundreds of separate containers, you may purchase few crates and all is done!

Wine Boxes are Environmental-Friendly:

Cardboard wine boxes ensure that your business is creating no harmful impact on the environment. The packaging is made from naturally occurring pine wood pulp that occurs abundantly. You can reuse and recycle the wine boxes several times without losing their strength and sturdiness. Even if it is not recycled, the packaging can be broken down into simpler substances, unlike glass. It helps a lot in reducing carbon footprints.

You Need To Spend For a Better Quality:

It’s a common perception about wine; spending more will give you a better quality. It means that often you have to break the bank to ensure a perfect taste. If a wine is picked up at a reasonable price it will not work significantly well. The price of a wine depends upon how expensive is its making process and what’s the quality of ingredients. Price is also an indication to reflect quality but it is not the rule of thumb. Spending too much on a wine bottle might provide you with a great wine but it does not ensure that it will always taste better than a bottle at half price. The same is the case with its packaging. You have to spend more to get a better result. Work on various design elements and printing options to create quality packaging that makes your products shine out on retail shelves. The choice of the best quality material is also essential to get a good return on investment.


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