AWS Training And Its Scope In The Near Future


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is one of the most secure, comprehensive, and widely adopted cloud platforms, offering more than 200 services from data centers spread globally. This cloud platform is used by almost every industry, starting from the fastest-growing start-ups to government offices and largest enterprises. Therefore, employers are hiring candidates that possess AWS Certification training


AWS provides a comparatively more number of services than other cloud providers, starting from infrastructure technologies, such as databases, computer, storage, to newly emerging technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, etc. All these AWS services help businesses and organizations move their existing applications from traditional in-house servers to the AWS Cloud quickly and easily. 


AWS is one of the most secure and safe cloud computing platforms than ever before. Its infrastructure is designed in such a way that it meets security requirements for global banks, the military, and any other sensitive organizations. This platform supports 90 security compliance and standards. Some cloud-based products of AWS include IoT, databases, storage, networking, mobile, management and developer tools, and enterprise applications. 


Today, every business process is turning more technological, and every organization and enterprise is shifting to cloud services for storing their data and carrying out operations safely. Therefore, pursuing AWS training will be beneficial for you in getting a better position in renowned companies. AWS certifications not only help individuals to advance their careers in cloud technology but also help organizations grow and transform their business efficiently. 


AWS Certifications


There is a wide range of job opportunities offered by AWS certifications. One can acquire a job role as an AWS Engineer, AWS Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, etc. 


There are two types of AWS certifications – generalist and specialty. Specialty certifications include six paths – data analytics, database, Alexa skill builder, security, advanced networking, and machine learning. Generalist certifications are categorized into four different paths – Developer, Practitioner, Architect, and Operations and three different levels – Foundational, Associate, and Professional. 

  • Foundational


AWS Cloud Practitioner is a foundational-level certification. Individuals wishing to kick-start their careers in the cloud should pursue this certification. They must possess six months of experience and knowledge of the AWS platform. 

  • Associate


Candidates holding at least one year of experience implementing business solutions and solving business problems using AWS can go for the below AWS associate certifications:


  • Solutions Architect Associate
  • SysOps Administrator Associate
  • Developer Associate 

  • Professional


Professional-level certifications are ideal for professionals possessing at least two years of hands-on experience in developing, managing, and troubleshooting business solutions using AWS. Two professional-level certificates are:


  • Solutions Architect Professional
  • DevOps Engineer Professional


Benefits Of AWS Certifications

  • Flexible


AWS supports users to use the desired operating system, web application platform, programming language, and database. Moreover, it offers a virtual environment, letting users load services and software required by an application.  Therefore, AWS is one of the most flexible platforms. 

  • Cost-Effective


AWS is cost-effective because users need to pay only for services they use. Also, there are no up-front commitments and long-term contracts. 

  • Secure


AWS is one of the most secure cloud platforms, as it uses an end-to-end approach. It secures operational, software, and physical measures of an organization’s infrastructure. 

  • Scalable And High-Performance


AWS provides numerous tools, like Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, many others, enabling an application to scale up and down as per the demand. Users can access storage resources and computer services anytime they need. 


Scope Of AWS In Near Future


Almost every organization, may it be a start-up or a well-established company, is turning to cloud services. Most enterprises and businesses are adopting the AWS platform to run their operations efficiently and smoothly. Many multinational companies, like Adobe, Netflix, Kelloggs, etc., have shifted to AWS. Therefore, there has been an increase in all MNCs who have moved to AWS for AWS positions. AWS skilled professionals have a golden opportunity to grab a good position in any of the MNCs. 




You can pursue AWS training and certification from Koenig Solutions. It is a global leader in providing IT certifications training. AWS expert and skilled instructors help you to qualify for an AWS certification exam. The entire study material is prepared by subject matter experts (SMEs) and is regularly updated. Moreover, you can opt for any of the three training modes offered by this center:


  • Instructor-led online
  • Fly-me-a-trainer – onsite
  • Instructor-led classroom

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