Home Details: Make use of your Home Basement


If your existing basement is unfinished, then you are likely to work in a completely open space. Installing partition walls in zombie bedrooms and bathrooms will increase the price. Incorporating other structural elements, such as moving pipelines or increasing the height of the excavation, will also increase the total cost.

Regardless of the purpose of the renovated basement, it is important to create a space that can be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the house. I don’t think the downstairs is broken. Here are some uses of basement:

1.    Gaming room

Video games are fun, but in order for children of all ages to enjoy them, why not make room for table tennis, billiards, football or classic pinball games? Add tables and chairs for board games or playing cards.

2.    Study room

Many homeowners entertain the main residence and use it as a more formal space, but they also like the idea of ​​a more formal gathering space. The basement can be an extra space for watching TV, doing homework or relaxing with friends and family. Your learning space is essential to your ability to learn effectively.

After all, if you are unfocused or uncomfortable, you can never expect to learn well. Therefore, it is important to create a learning environment to increase productivity and minimize distractions. With this being said, you can innovate your basement and transform it into a conducive study room.

3.    Theater/Media Room

As TVs and sound systems continue to evolve to provide more authentic entertainment experiences, theater/media rooms continue to become popular uses for underground spaces. Prepare to turn off the lights by popping popcorn.

4.    ibrary

Remember your childhood home. For example, a family library with 20 books can help create a culture of reading and learning at home. Despite the explosive growth of digital devices, book fans still like to get used to doing excellent flips skillfully. The finished basement is perfect for bookcases and comfortable reading corners.

5.    Extra storage space

Easily overlooked, but storage is one of the most important elements of a happy, healthy and organized living space or work space. However, in many cases, storage is used in the home or office to hide piles of mountains that are not designated “locations.”

If you build it, they will come. Americans love things, and it seems that the amount of storage we have is immediately full. The basement is a good place to build additional storage space, cabinets or shelves to accommodate and organize all these spaces.

6.    Children’s Room

Children like to use their imagination in space, and if they use a little imagination, the basement will become a big band almost anywhere. Owning their own room means that children can benefit from peace and tranquility.

This is especially suitable for introverted people who want to spend a quiet space and time quietly, as well as children who want to read or study confidently. They may or may not put things in shared rooms. . It is also a good place to store toys, games and art supplies, so not only does it not get in the way, but it can be put into use quickly

7.    Additional bedroom

If there is a private room in the main part of the house, you may feel a waste of space if you rarely use it. The basement cannot be a half bedroom, nor can it be a solution for occasional guests to create a complete bedroom.

8.     Dirty kitchen 

For homeowners with space and budget, the “dirty kitchen” can provide convenience and keep the main kitchen clean. This space is also called the catering kitchen and is equipped with facilities for actual cooking and tidying up. If you have regular gatherings or entertainment, the second kitchen in the basement will make it easier to make meals.

9.    Office Room

Having a home office improves your productivity and professionalism, and allows you to share work and family. With more and more flexible work preparations, if you work from home, a dedicated work space is essential. Even for housework, if you have a place to pay documents and bills, these tasks will be simpler and more efficient.

10.  Laundry room

The laundry room is very useful for storing chemical cleaners that may be harmful to your child. These dangerous products can be placed in the laundry room. With a dedicated laundry room, everything you need (from detergent to pins to irons) is stored in one place. There are still many laundry rooms in the basement, and they are now more spacious and beautiful than ever. There are many practical theorem solutions specific to this purpose.

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