Themes for Celebrating the First Birthday of Your Munchkin

Themes for Celebrating the First Birthday of Your Munchkin

Birthdays are the special event of one’s life, and the ‘First’ is even more. Although your cute little baby would not be getting what is going around, the celebration is a must! It is a special day for every parent, right? Then, why not make it a memorable one by throwing a big birthday bash and celebrating your munchkin’s presence. For a grand celebration, you need to get your hands on some of the good ideas. A theme-based birthday party would add excitement to your celebrations. So, let us have a look at a few of them which would help you in making the first birthday a special one.

Toy Story Theme

The first up in the list with multiple characters is the “Toy Story” theme. It is a perfect theme for your baby girl or a baby boy which depicts the joy, happiness, and friendship all in one. The huge balloons of the characters will make the party more exciting for your little one and the little guest companions who would be invited to the party.

Snow White Theme

Snow white is the best theme for celebrating your little princess’s first birthday. Along with the snow-white birthday cake online, adding up theme-based delicacies would make the sweet tooth platter even more pretty and tasty. Get the decoration according to the theme or for the guidance, you can even recreate the forest look. Well, the party is going to be a full power-packed one, no matter what!

The Jungle Book

Next in the list is the very adventurous theme, “The Jungle Book”. Cartoon animals attract kids a lot. Putting up the decoration of a jungle, wooden party table along stuffed animals inspired from the theme would make the party more lively and the joyful one. You should give a shot to this theme without a second thought!


Disneyland has always had a space in our wish list of places we want to visit once. Being kids we all made special memories with Disney, likewise, our kids are going to make. Then, why not wish them on their first birthday by hosting a “Disneyland” party?  Be it Mickey Mouse or Cinderella, your baby would enjoy every bit of it by looking at his/her Disneyland friends-to-be at this party.

Royal Blue

A royal blue colored theme would be a perfect choice to celebrate your baby boy’s first year. Decorate the party room with a shade of blue. Adding up the touch of white would pop up the colored theme. The serenity of these two colors will make the birthday party of your baby boy beautiful.


Here comes on the list, one of the most wanted mythical creatures, a “Unicorn”. A party painted with a pastel color with beautiful décor is going to be the cutest party in your town. It is the best theme to celebrate your baby girl’s first birthday. Gift a huge rainbow-colored corn cutie to your daughter and bring the little smile on her face. While, you will be busy looking up to the decorations, get your baby’s huge unicorn cake at your doorstep through online cake delivery services, and lessen your work.


Now, choose the most suitable theme for your baby according to your preferences to make their first birthday special one, and cheer them up with a big bang to enter into the new age! It is definitely going to be the best birthday party. So, be the proud parents and enjoy it to the fullest!


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