These Efficient Tips Will Help With All Cardboard Packaging Problems

Custom carboard boxes

All of us take an interest in seeing the memes online that point out embarrassing mistakes. But, it is not interesting at all when your packaging is the butt of those jokes online. Poor packaging contributes to damaging your business sales as well as reputation. The custom cardboard boxes are a perfect packaging solution for your products but, absolute perfection is a myth. During the designing of these boxes, the manufacturers unintentionally make some mistakes that lead up to their decline in the competitive market. In this genuine guide, we will be disclosing some handy tips to you that would be helpful in avoiding the mistakes associated with the designing of cardboard packaging.

Attention to the packaging size:

Most businesses especially, small-scale companies, opt for a “one size will fit all” policy so as to reduce their expenditures. They like to obtain the custom cardboard packages in only one size and use them to ship and store different-sized items. This strategy will never do any good to them as the oversized packaging means that they would have to bear more shipping costs. The packages that are relatively larger need excessive materials for manufacturing which, in the end, increases their overall price. It also puts the security and safety of the products at risk since there will be no restriction to their movement inside. Even if they use void fill packaging materials for putting a stop to the movement, they would have to spend extra money. Thus, if you want to control your budget and ensure the integrity of the items inside, it is strongly recommended to produce different-sized packages according to the dimensions of each different product.

Make the design functional:

One of the most embarrassing things that one can ever imagine is the unpractical design of the custom cardboard packages. For the customers, the functionality of a box is the most concerning thing and, if you are not taking care of that, you are in deep trouble. Work on the functionality of the box to make it light in weight so that the people do not find any trouble in carrying it around. In order to evade the generation of “wrap rage” feeling in the clients, you need to make it smooth whenever someone opens or closes it. Make the lid of cardboard packages foldable in a way that it is relatively larger than the bottom. It will enable you to make your box easy to open and close without any hassle. Making your cardboard packages lightweight and easy to remove for accessing the inside items generates a positive user experience.

Restrain from creating visual noise:

Although designing your cardboard packages attractively needs to be a top priority of the manufacturers, over-designing these boxes would do no benefit. It would rather keep the clientele away from seeing or buying your product. Do not bombard your box design with clashing color themes, too much text, or jarring graphics. You will find strength only in simple and minimal designs. It is because the customers are looking for these designs instead of noisy visual graphics. To stay simple, you need to use only one or two basic colors in your design and, the fonts for text printing must not look congested or difficult to read. One of the most important things that one needs to capitalize on in the market is a cardboard box with a simple and minimal design. You can find a store in the locality by entering “simply designed cardboard boxes near me” in the search bar or buy online.

Do not overstuff:

It is imperative for you to know that the custom cardboard boxes can hold a weight up to a specific limit. This capability depends on their size and on the fact whether they are double-walled or not. The placement of too many products inside them would pose a threat to their protection capabilities and, they might get deformed. A good way to prevent this kind of damage is to double-wall your boxes so that their load-carrying capacity increases further. Apart from that, you could go for the creation of compartments or partitions inside the boxes. This tactic will allow you to pack each different item separately inside the box and prevent them from collapsing with one another. The heavier items should be placed in separate packages, while the left-over space can be utilized for placing the lighter items.

Ensure differentiation through branding:

The basic motive of designing any packaging is to turn the heads of the customers towards it to take a look at the items packed inside it. However, this cannot be accomplished when there is a lack of differentiation in your custom cardboard packages. If they are looking the same as your competitors, the clients may end up choosing your competing brand by mistake. Bring versatility and uniqueness to your boxes by designing them on the theme of your identity. The logo, for instance, is the biggest identity of your brand and brings innovation and uniqueness to the design. You can also employ some brand-themed colors or small graphics that give a hint to your brand personality to create a different cardboard box than others. If you are making your design choices based on your brand identity, it will make your box stand out on the retail shelves.

In a nutshell, the correctly designed custom cardboard boxes are a vital sales tool for your brand. If you do not want to deal with the problems associated with the boxes, designing them in the right way is a seamless move. You need to go for the right size and a functional design while designing them. Besides, make them look different from others by incorporating brand details in their design.


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