7 Tricks to Keep Your Flowers Fresh and Alive


Flowers beautify your home and leave a magnificent smell. For those who are very focused on flower bouquets and other arrangements for home decoration, it is often a challenge to keep the flowers looking fresh and moist for a long time.

It does not matter whether you are growing flowers in your garden or shopping at a flower retailer; we want to help you make your flowers last longer and stay fresh. We have compiled a short article detailing seven tricks that are simple and easy to help you preserve your flowers so they last longer and increase the joy they bring to your life and home. 

Cut the Stems

One of the most common mistakes people make after receiving flowers is forgetting to cut the stem. Use garden scissors to cut and trim at a distance of one to two inches and an angle. Cutting the stem at an angle allows better use of water as they are not sitting flat under the vase. After the first cut, be sure to re-trim your flowers once every few days.


Remove any leaves below the prune water line. This will not only make your flowers look better but will also prevent the growth of bacteria. Some flowers, such as roses, have guard petals that are the flower’s two or three outermost petals. Removing them will allow your flower to open completely. After your initial pruning, you should check your flowers daily for dead or loose leaves and petals to prevent bacterial rotting.


It is not only important to keep your bouquet hydrated, but also to do it wisely. The flowers did not last long without water, especially when their trunks were cut. Choose a clean vase, fill it with water at room temperature, and add a flower food packet. Ensure that the food is properly mixed. Also, clean the vase thoroughly and change the flower meal every two or three days.

Select the correct size or container

When it comes to taking care of flowers, the main point to keep in mind is choosing the right size of the container. There are florists who can help you select the right size vase or container to ensure that the clipped stems fit well into the opening or mouth. If the opening is too narrow, the stem may appear tight or actually sliced. Either remove some stems to make a small bunch or find a large vase to use. On the opposite side, if your vase has a very wide mouth, the arrangement will have no form or shape.

Place the flowers in a large clean container.

Always use a clean container. This tip will reduce the risk of bacteria and other microorganisms multiplying and infecting the flowers. To ensure that the flower’s stem is not squeezed too tightly, choose a vase with a wide neck.

Avoid direct sunlight

If you are wondering how to keep the flowers fresh in the vase, keep them in a cool temperature. Avoid displaying flowers in direct sunlight or near heat-generating equipment. Also avoid placing your vase in areas such as open windows, ceiling fans or heating or cooling vents. Also, do not display a bouquet near a fruit because ripening fruits release small amounts of ethylene gas, reducing the longevity of your fresh arrangement.

Keep them cool

Heat will accelerate the demise of your flowers, so arrange in cold places, away from hot tubs and vents. You can also keep the flowers fresh by avoiding direct sunlight.

So, now you are aware of how to keep your flowers fresh and alive. Before sending flowers to your near and dear ones, make sure you instruct them with the above points in advance.


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