A Guide to Facebook Advertising Automation

Facebook advertising automation

It might not be wrong to say that the upcoming technologies in the market are doing wonders for the day-to-day functioning of many companies. Earlier, the process of advertisement used to take a lot of time, effort, and resources to be conducted, but still, its reach was limited. There are many social media platforms like Facebook that have come up with billions of active users. Not only this, but they are also coming up with new features like automated ads that help in reaching the targeted audience more quickly.

Almost every business, whether small or big, is taking the help of Facebook advertising automation as it allows the continuous optimization and monitoring of the tasks. All such activities will help take timely necessary steps that help get the best returns from it. Even the automated ads will allow the user to update and make necessary changes to the ads. Even the computerized ads can handle multiple ads at a time that too in six different versions. To manage everything, there is a requirement of the person, i.e., Facebook Ads managers, that will take necessary steps as and when required.

Marketers can do different types of automation within the Facebook ad campaigns. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Performance alerts: This will help provide timely warnings about the campaigns or the set of ads and tell about the positive and negative performance trends. These trends can be due to different reasons like High/low CTR’s, budget spent on the ads or the cost per conversion, etc.
  • ROAS ad rules: This will help the user to control their expenditure towards the ads. It will help set up the rules to stop the ads that can fall below the minimum ROAS. Even it turn off ad sets when more than twice the expenditure is done on it, and it is still not giving the results.
  • Ad set scheduling: Different ads can go air for a different period. Like there is some offer related to a festival. Then it only can be reflected till the festive date. Once it is gone, the ads have to come down. So the automated ads come with the setting up of the schedule as it will help choose the show ads in their peak performance so that the conversion cost can be kept low.
  • Optimization rules: There is so much content on social media. It is essential to optimize your content to increase its visibility. So the automated ads provide feature optimization on behalf of the users. This will surely give the best results.
  • Ads creative testing: The automated ads include different types of testing like multivariate testing, ad fighting, and ad rotation rules. All these ad testing helps create the ads that will perform well when posted online.

So, it is always better to consider different types of automation ad tools that will make the work of the companies easier than before. Even the results from these ads are very successful.


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