Set the Mood With These Classic Outfits for the Modern Man

Classic Outfits

Men’s fashion has been gaining some prominence as of late. More people have become style-conscious and that is a good thing. After all, who doesn’t like to look chic? Also, you should understand that it is your dressing combined with your positive attitude which sets you apart from others. When it comes to choosing the right outfit, one factor that you should consider is comfort. This is because as long as you are comfortable with whatever it is that you are wearing, you will become more confident. And for those who want to add a bit of a swagger to their style, it is recommended to go for classic outfits. With that said, let’s delve deeper and find out which pieces you need to own to up your style game. 

#1. Blazer 

This is one of the most essential pieces that you need to own if you are looking to set the mood. Remember to always go for that jacket which snugs your shoulder and doesn’t peak. It should be cut slim through the sides. Also, as for the length, it should end just below your butt. You can visit a tailor so he may get accurate measurements. You should consider sporting a tweed blazer during the winters and try to make different combinations with it to make a stellar outfit such as a chambray shirt, and silk tie. When it’s hot outside, you can put on a cotton blazer and wear it with a white shirt. 

#2. Shirts 

People usually make mistakes when it comes to selecting a shirt. It is normal though because not everyone is a style expert. So, when you are buying a shirt, make sure that it fits the shoulders perfectly. You should also make sure that the space between your neck and collar is two fingers. Also, notice that if the cuff of your shirt is meeting at the thumb joint. If you have broad shoulders then try looking for a slim-fit shirt. 

There are a variety of colors that you can opt for to look classy such as pale pink and light blue. You can wear the latter with dark blue pants and a grey blazer to look dope. Also, for designs, you can go with checks or stripes. You can even consider wearing a polo shirt. But if you are going to do that then it is advised to leave the first three buttons open and don it with a double-breasted blazer and loafers. 

#3. Shoes 

This is often the most overlooked item. People don’t really pay attention to their footwear. But you don’t need to be like them. Remember, shoes are just as important as the rest of your attire. You can consider going for dress shoes if you want to look super chic at the office. It is suggested to opt for leather shoes as they have a decent quality and as for the color, choose brown, black, tan, or oxblood. 

#4. Trousers 

How can this guide be complete without putting the spotlight on trousers? It is an extremely essential element that can make your outfit shine. So, proper attention should be given to it at all costs. If you are looking to buy a pair to wear to the office then consider opting for chinos. Khaki pants are all the buzz these days so opting for them is a safe bet. As for the colors, you can select camel or navy. You can also wear jeans but make sure that they are slim-fit and not skinny. 


Over the years, men have become more style-conscious than ever before. They pay attention to what they wear and try their best to look dapper. It is also the reason why the men’s fashion industry is booming so much as of late. If you too are someone who prefers style over everything then experiment with different colors and designs of the above-mentioned pieces to create an amazing outfit that will have everyone’s attention. 


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