Five thoughtful ways to woo your husband on their birthdays


Women are always special. Before marriage they have their father and brothers to take care of their happiness. Post marriage, husbands treat them like a princess. They are concerned about our every small and big dream. From career choices to fulfilling our aspirations to giving us spaces to involving them into crucial decision making, husbands give their wives the best support possible. It’s also our responsibility to make them feel special on magnificent occasions like birthdays.

Everyone feels special on the day of their arrival. You can also contribute to their happiness by surprising them with thoughtful birthday gifts. Have a look:

  1. A photo collage: They say ‘You can’t bring back the memories, but photographs can take you back.’ So, why not let your husband feel incredible by allowing him to relive happy moments. Yes you guessed it right, gift him a beautiful photo collage. Explore the heart touching pictures of your husbands. They can be both personal and professional. For example – receiving a star performer award in the workplace, hosting an official event, first birthday celebration post marriage, honeymoon or any other images from his bachelor’s days. Make a nice collage of these pictures via any best rated software online. You can also get it done online by a professional. Simply visit a reputed gifting website, upload the chosen pictures and let them bring out the stunning collage work. You may also give the selected pictures to the studio shop to get them framed.
  2. Favorite series subscription: Everyone wants some or more entertainment in their lives. So, if your husband is fond of watching series, then gift him a subscription of his favorite series. You can also accompany him and watch it together. Share all the emotions together from funny to romantic to nostalgic to happy. Binge into popcorn and coffee and enjoy the series. You should invite your close friends and relatives and watch the series on home theatre.
  3. Midnight cake surprise: Nothing spells special like hand baked items. But if you’re unsure about your baking skills, then you can order cake online. A variety of cakes are available online from theme cake to photo cake to heart shaped cake in different flavors like – red velvet, blueberry, caramel, butterscotch and many more. In order to search for more innovative cakes, you can search it online by typing the keyword ‘birthday cake for husband.’ We’re sure you will be bombarded with the latest cake designs.  To add an element of surprise, you can order midnight cake delivery and let your sweetheart soar high in excitement.
  4. A luxury watch: Husbands are so much. Instead of buying things for themselves, they prefer pampering their wives, parents and children. But, on the occasion of their birthday, buying a watch makes a great idea. Ditch the cheap stuff and buy a luxury watch because guys love to wear brands. Changing the stuff again and again is not their forte. They like to keep their things class and use it for an extended period of time.
  5. A leather wallet: Wallet is the essential item of our life. Wherever we go, we need a wallet to keep the money and cards safely whether it’s a shopping mall, vegetable/fruits shop or buying any random thing. Buying a leather wallet is a good choice as it looks classy and doesn’t get torn easily. You can purchase a good looking wallet from any of the nearby shops or even online. A lot of reputed online gifting websites offer quintessential yet durable wallets. You can choose the color as per the choice of your husband.
  6. A hand – made greeting card: A hand – made greeting card is priceless. You invest your time and efforts to bring the broadest smile on the face of your husband. You can pour out your feelings towards your love by writing amazing lines. By reading heart touching lines, your husband will fall in love with you even more. Your creativity and attention to detail will leave them awestruck.

Marriage is a beautiful relationship between husband and wife which carries emotional and spiritual significance. Enhance your bond with your husband by gifting him an amazing birthday gift as discussed above like never before.


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