How to Hire a Professional Belly Dancer For Your Next Online Event

belly dancer

Belly dance has been popular for centuries, dating back to at least the time of Alexander the Great, often used in ancient Egypt and Greece to celebrate a woman’s fertility, although some say it originated in India and spread to the Middle East by gypsies, the same gypsies who developed flamenco from belly dancing in Spain and Morocco. 

Hiring a professional belly dancer is a great way to take your next online event from blah to extraordinary, as it’s sure to captivate your audience with those mesmerizing costumes and skillful moves. With the dancer making her appearance at your home or office via Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and more, they can be there from anywhere in the world and even teach the audience a lesson so they can join in too.

The question isn’t whether to hire a belly dancer, but how? 

Use an App

Instead of going through a talent/entertainment agency, which can add to the cost, use an app. Not only can you save money, but you’ll also have a larger pool of talent to choose from. For example, on the Special Guest App, you can search by category for the type of performer you’re looking for, and as a belly dancer will appear online, you don’t have to worry about narrowing your options down to your city or region. 

Choose a Style of Belly Dancing That Suits the Event 

When searching for the best fit, you’ll want to consider the different styles of dancing to ensure the performance complements the theme and type of event as well as the audience. Like most forms of art, the belly dance doesn’t exist in only one form, there are Lebanese, Turkish, Persian, Moroccan, and Egyptian styles. Be sure to do a little bit of research first to determine which would suit your event best. 


While cost is usually an important factor, you don’t want to simply book the cheapest option available. Just like you would when hiring anyone, you’ll want to be sure the belly dancer is an experienced professional. This sophisticated art takes years to perfect – while a novice may not charge much, the performance is unlikely to impress. Take the time to watch her performances online, check references, and read reviews to ensure that the person you hire will be reliable and show up on time too. Honest and detailed reviews are priceless when it comes to feeling comfortable knowing the belly dancer you hire will enhance your event in a positive way.


It’s important to communicate what type of audience will be watching the event and what your expectations are. For example, if there will be people in attendance who aren’t comfortable with revealing clothes or it may be offensive to their culture, the dancer(s) should be informed. Basically, communication is key to ensure the performance is relevant to the audience. 


Another consideration is timing. When should the performance begin? If it’s a long event, you may be able to fit in one long performance or two shorter performances. Generally, it’s best as the grand finale or somewhere in the middle, which can provide a nice break from a lecture, training, or many other types of gatherings. Avoid scheduling it too late in the evening when your guests may be tired and unable to appreciate the show.


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