Is 1337x Safe? Recommended Alternatives for Downloading Movies

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With online movie streaming and download services increasing in numbers every day, finding a good quality platform has become quite difficult.

And it is not just about the print quality of the video content on these sites. The safety and security concerns are also quite real.

People are looking for safe websites that they can use to download movies, TV shows, and video games for free.

In this article, we are going to review one of the most popular torrent sites out there. We are going to talk about its features and the best alternatives for it that you can use to download all kinds of content.

What is 1337x?

1337x is a torrent platform for movies, music, TV shows, eBooks, and software solutions. This site offers thousands of torrents with fast and stable download speeds.

This site has a huge audience and all of them love the quality of the torrents that it has to offer.

There are many of its competitors out there. But none of them come close to the torrent download features that 1337x has to offer. You can even download PC games from Fitgirl Repack from this website.

1337x stands out in the sense that its UI is much better than most torrent sites that you find out there. These torrent websites load up fast. You can use the search bar to easily look up the shows you want to download.

How to Use 1337x?

Here is how you can use 1337x to download shows

  • Download & install uTorrent on your PC
  • You can also download it on your phone from the Google Play Store
  • Use the PC or mobile web browser to visit 1337x
  • Enter the show you want to watch in the search bar
  • Choose from one of the available video prints
  • You can use the magnet download link or the file download option to begin the torrent download

Is 1337x Safe?

There have been many speculations about 1337x and whether it’s safe to use or not. In our experience, we have found this site to be safe to use. Here is why…

For starters, it doesn’t have a lot of ads. The number of ads is very little and although there are a few redirects that you might have to face, they don’t have an impact on the download experience.

The site in itself is safe. It is the torrents on this website that might cause problems for you. Unlike most torrent sites that bombard you with ads, this site is safe and quite careful about the user experience.

Best 1337x Alternatives in 2021

  • Movies da: This website is for downloading Bollywood and Tamil movies. Being a torrent website, moviesda also requires torrent client software to download the shows. The number of shows on this site is huge. Plus, you can also find dubbed Hollywood shows here which is a plus point.
  • TorrentFunk: TorrentFunk takes the leas as the easiest to use torrent platforms out there. You are going to find some ads here, but they are not so interruptive. You can easily deal with the ads by using some kind of adblocker. TorrentFunk offers easy torrent download features. You can use this torrent site on mobile phones as well because it is mobile-friendly.
  • LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents UI doesn’t come off as engaging and interactive. But still, we are mentioning it here because of the massive collection of torrents that this site offers to its users. LimeTorrents offers you a simple solution for downloading torrents of various kinds. You can download movies or music torrents based on your personal preference. LimeTorrents is a good alternative for 1337x that you need to check out.

Final Words

1337x is a popular torrent platform and it seems like it’s here to stay. This site has multiple domains and if one doesn’t work for you, you can move onto the next one. You can also use the VPN to access this platform if it is restricted in your region.

All in all 1337x is a great site for downloading video and software content. Check out 1337x and all its alternatives that we have talked about here for a safe movie download experience.


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