Myths around E-Cigarettes: What people Should Know?


There is much misinformation rumored about E-cigarettes such as Juuling and vaping (an electronic device for smoking or an electronic cigarette). The manufacturers of E-cigarettes are not allowed to reveal the chemicals and making of the products. Though, how they made or which health risks are connected with them. It is somehow true that they not safe and even nor harmless. E-cigarettes are harmful and injurious to health. The toxic chemicals used in the making of E-cigarettes are nicotine, formaldehyde, and lead. These chemicals are not as much toxic and poisonous to health as the chemical regular cigarettes are. But it does not mean – the blog is not about promoting E-cigarettes.

Few Myths about E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes do not help quit smoking

E-cigarettes are good to quit smoking as many people believe that it is not; but, it is, in reality, helps a lot to quit smoking. In regulated cigarettes, nicotine is consumed without the curing traditional method of addiction while in e-cigarettes the amount of nicotine is set to decrease its use gradually until you no longer feel the need to lessen this activity of smoke at all. Regular use of the e-cigarettes is also hazardous to health especially for teeth where cynamed dental instruments would work to examine your teeth later.

Public research in England made about the consumption of the e-cigs that 95% of the smokers came back to normal life with the use of the e-cigs which are less hazardous to health than the normal cigs. A normal cig contains up to 7000 chemicals at a time. In short, e-cigs are the best way to get rid of regulated smoking with transitional use.

Cigarettes are too much expensive

Cigs are too much expensive than e-cigarettes. While you have to buy a device and liquid in case of regular cig at the same time. You have to buy cigs, vape, refills and many more in case of normal cigarettes. Hence, for e-cigarettes, you need to buy a device only that will be used for the long term and save you money in the long run.

Cigarettes should not be regulated

In England, there are restrictions of laws and regulation on the manufacturing and distributing of e-cigs due to the guidelines published in the public health column in London in 2004. So regular cigarettes are something else and most perilous to health while e-cigs are used in place to the gradual decrease of regular smoke and its killing to human organs.

Role of E-cigarettes – A Handy Guide need to know

They are not regulated. E-cigarette cannot be regulated because of the chemicals used in their manufacturing. They pose fewer health risks.

E-cigs are not safe and nor harmless. But they have some toxic chemicals lesser toxic than the regular cigs. They may be harmful in long run diseases such as to cause cancer, birth defects, or other health problems

You may not consider them “Just Water Vapors” E-cigarettes are not only water vapors to exhale or inhale but some aerosol with a mixture of nicotine, tiny particles of flavored glass, and includes some of the same injurious and poisonous chemicals.

Steps to be taken to Protect Your Loved Ones

Below are steps you should take on time to protect your loved ones to save them from any smoke or relevant smoke addiction.

  • Call the drug prohibited centres that have slogans of NO-VAPE in adults and teenager and helps us to get rid of the use of nicotine or to follow the precautions they implemented.
  • Call poison control organization of your hometown: if you are doubtful a child has swallowed an e-cigarette product.
  • Ask others not to use e-cigarettes around you to save your surroundings and community.
  • Make sure your employer is following “not to smoke rules” at the workplace.
  • Do not allow your friends to smoke e-cigs around you especially when they are at your place in your home or car.

Final Thought….

As e-cigarettes and vapes are the new addiction and addition to the world’s market, There are millions of myths rumored around you with benefits and cons as well. We have discusses some myths in detailed above to clear your viewpoint about e-cigarettes.


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