Top Five Future Trends Of Digital Marketing

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2021 has started on a glum note because of the coronavirus pandemic. In digital marketing circles, work has picked up pace because of a transformation of lifestyle over the past year or so. 2021 has already been predicted as the year when the digital reliance on the world goes even bigger than ever before. 

Let us take a peek into the foreseeable future trends of digital marketing for the year 2021.

  • Dependency On Digital Promotional Channels

As the pandemic has forced the world to close down for a good while brands are looking for creative ways to shift their business online. This trend has proved that online business can be depended upon, even if the physical business is a no-go. Plenty of brands like Apple and Amazon, not to mention the local businesses, have successfully earned significant profits even during the lockdowns. 

  • Accessibility Of Content Through Social Media 

Social media has come to the rescue of many, for entertainment as well as for earning money via content. During the past year, a new crop of content creators has grown, with creative ideas and short bits of video (as in both TikTok and Instagram Reels). This content has routinely gone viral and has made their creators overnight celebrities. This ease of access of content through social media has unlocked many possibilities for talented individuals.

  • Huge Data Consumption

Because of the sheer volume of people online during the pandemic, the data consumption trends have surpassed every record in the book. Applications like YouTube and Instagram have been used the most during the past year, consuming approximately 1.5 GB of data for each individual on average. Multi-user games like PUBG have also followed the trend with users logging online for more than 7 hours on an average for each individual, every day. This has opened up a new arena for web designing. 

  • Affordability And Reach Across The Globe

As more and more people embrace the internet post-pandemic, the reach has lowered the net cost of data and made it more affordable, which, in turn, has again increased its popularity in both urban and rural masses. This reach across the globe translates into more opportunities for website designing, more possibilities of business promotion, and a creative movement in online structuring and optimizing that will yield favorable results for the SEO industry. 

  • Refinement Of Digital Platforms For Connectivity

Website design has exciting new professional avenues in store because of the ever-expanding variety of digital platforms. Especially after the coronavirus pandemic, a new landscape of mobile accessibility, refined website trends, and social media outreach has come slowly but surely into the picture. Web design’s new demand is flexibility, which will be a key element of designing in the coming years. 

The current trends demand patience, fast adaptability, and creativity from SEO firms. As the year progresses, digital marketing will move forward in leaps and bounds. Kinex Media is a leading SEO Toronto Company, providing customized and unique SEO services to keep up with the changing times.


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