Start your garden with these beginner-friendly flowers

Start your garden with these beginner-friendly flowers

Flowers are a great way to enhance your living space and make it all the more welcoming. But not everyone has the dedication or the talent that can help them grow an entire garden for themselves. A lot of plants and flowers need high maintenance and constant attention to thrive in the best possible way which is not the most ideal thing for someone new to the field of gardening.

Here are some flowers that can be bought through online flower delivery in bangalore. These flowers belong to the low maintenance category, which is why there is no way a beginner cannot make them grow! Let’s find out about the flowers that will not get killed easily!


Sunflowers are just as bright as the sun, hence the name is so apt for them. These flowers are versatile and brighten up any place they grow. The ‘Shock-O-Lat’ variety of the sunflower is of a very special kind. 

The name of this specific variety is kept so because of the colour of the petals. The petals are an ombre of a chocolate brown colour near the centre that becomes a golden yellow colour at the tip!

These flowers are supposed to be pollen-free, hence completely usable at homes. These tall plants can grow up to 6 feet and make any place look elegant.


Every sort of Zinnia flower is beginner-friendly and easy to grow, except for the blue one. Hence, avoid buying that colour. The flowers have a shape similar to a daisy or a dahlia. 

To grow these flowers, all you need to do is plant the seeds and keep them at a place that is full of sunshine. Make sure there is complete air circulation for it to grow perfectly.


These bright flowers are extremely easy to grow anywhere, especially in sunny places! These flowers are in fact annuals and can be seen thriving in pretty much every season, but a little better during summers.

Marigolds are not difficult to grow and can also grow out of nowhere. Well, that is not an issue because marigolds are adored by everyone.


Pansies are the most common flowers out there and can be found in all the shades of the rainbow! These flowers do not require a lot of maintenance. All that these flowers need is a good amount of sunlight and soil that does not hold water and quickly drains it out.

Another great quality of a pansy is that it will continue to bloom, no matter the season. Be it winter or summer, you will always find pansies around you!


The key to growing healthy impatiens is to keep them away from direct sunlight. Impatiens grow the best in the shade when fed with a good amount of water. But they cannot handle very cold weather when they are young!

Plant a new impatiens plant when it is warmer so that it grows by the time it is the winter season.


For daffodils, you need to do absolutely no work! The only thing you need to do is plant the daffodil seeds in the soil and wait for spring. You will see that these daffodils will bloom in spring and fill your area with fragrance and colour alike!

Plant them during the autumn season and give them enough sunlight for them to survive and not a lot. You will see that they will bloom on their own, effortlessly!


Again, just like the pansies, geraniums can be found very easily in hot climate regions. Geraniums come in a variety of colours and are extremely budget-friendly and highly cost-effective.

These flowers are the most evident starting from spring till the start of winter. They need all the sunlight they could have in colder areas. But in hotter areas, these flowers need to be protected from the harsh sun rays.

All the flowers mentioned are so low maintenance that they need the least amount of care from the person meant to take their care. Send flowers to ghaziabad online today itself to someone who is supposed to start a new garden but cannot find a way!

Order flowers online or just get their seeds and feed them to make these plants grow to the highest capacity!


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