Signs to Repair A Flat Roof


Are you a property owner with a flat roof? Whether it is a residential or commercial property, it is important that you should take care that your flat roofing system is intact and functional throughout. You should ensure its proper maintenance and keep looking for signs of potential damage. Due to the specific design of the flat roofing system, these roofs are generally required to ensure more working in comparison to standard roofing system.

While it is quite simple to build and set up a flat roof, it still requires regular inspections as well as maintenance for ensuring that everything tends to be functioning properly. One of the most difficult decisions is to understand whether or not your flat roof requires repair or replacement services. In this article, we will help you understand to look out for specific signs to know whether or not the flat roofing system requires repair or replacement.

Here are some:

#Water Pooling

One of the major issues that most flat roofing systems tend to face is with respect to water pooling. Constant water pooling could result in continuous stress leading to cracks over time. As a result, with the passage of time, the roof might start shifting slightly. This implies that it might not be as level as it used to be during installation. Due to this, water pooling results in divots and dips.

While most of the flat roofing systems are designed to stand up water-related issues, still these water pools are required to be drained as soon as possible. This is to ensure that the water would not seep into the respective layers of the roof. Upon being left unchecked, the water pools will end up in harming the roofing surface while shortening its overall lifespan.

#Blistering, Adhesion Failure, and Bubbling

Blistering and bubbling tend to be defects that might result out of adhesion failure. The visible bubbles tend to be generally filled with air or water. This might be the outcome of bad insulation, poor workmanship, or improper ventilation. Upon being detected early, you can deal with the problem quite easily. However, when the same is left untreated, the blisters or bubbles might become too large to get fixed.

Later on, these bubbles or blisters could pop while leaving large holes in the roofing system for making your entire property vulnerable to significant damage from the interiors. The ultimate cause of the given problem might be that the roof featured excess moisture upon installation.

#Leaks & Moisture

Flat roofing systems are known to face moisture-specific issues. However, you can handle the same efficiently when you observe them beforehand and take preventive actions. Flat roofing system –just like any other type of roofing system can leak. This is because water does not find any other way than going down. This would result in moisture to seep into the respective roofing membranes while causing additional problems like mold and fungus.

The most effective way of dealing with moisture and leak is to get your roof inspected as well as maintained on a regular basis. When problems are not diagnosed at early stages, a professional flat roof Ottawa company can help you out.

#Tears, Splits, and Cracks

This turns out to be one of the most common problems that even an untrained eye is capable of spotting. In case a split or crack would left untreated for too long on the flat roof, then the clipboard or plyboard would absorb water. This would make the flat roofing system unsafe to walk upon.

For the best outcomes, it is recommended to hire professional flat roof replacement Ottawa services.


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