What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Android Monitoring Apps


Last night I was just wasting my time by scrolling down the newsfeed and saw a post on Instagram. The post was how last year the same month was the old normal and how we were so unaware of what was coming. Life has never been the same since the pandemic. I have been working from home since then and God knows I am sick of this routine. I miss getting up early in the morning dressing up and showing up in the office. It all seems some sort of fantasy world or some kind of dream. I know it is not theically fine to rant about some routine change when we know many people lost their lives to this cruel disease. But the thing is way of life has been changed and we are still in the process of grasping this situation and are getting to know this new normal.

I had to go to the office sometime for some paper trial and felt so weird. With time the work from home techniques have been changing and new rules and regulations have been added to the list. There are many things that I wish I knew a year before when it all started so that I did not have to suffer in the work-life in those starting months. The thing is am a team leader of 7 group members and it was not easy to handle all the matters from home. We lost many projects made blunder mistakes but with time I got introduced to many things that made my life easier. OgyMogy Android monitoring App is one of them. The spy app helps me a lot in keeping myself sane and lets me have some control over the assigned tasks.

Real-Time Screen Access is Possible?:

There was a time when we were way behind on the progress after the deadline just because of laziness or blunder of one of the team members. At that time I wish I could watch their screen in real-time to keep a thorough check on them. Later I know that OgyMogy offers a real-time screen monitoring feature that lets the employer watch the screen of the target employee at any time. It solved so many issues. I can watch the progress of every individual in real-time. Moreover, it also helps in the fair distribution of work and gives me knowledge about each employee’s skills and techniques.

Internet is Huge Distraction:

In the start, most of the employees did not work all day long and were just online for the official sake. They wasted time watching movies or playing online games etc. By using the spy app I found out about the track internet browsing history of the target employee. Users can check every website visited by the employee with timestamp information. So an employee who wastes time on useless exercise can be tracked very easily using this feature. After using the app the daily progress of employees increased and it was proved that internet distractions are now at a minimal level because of the fear of tracking.

Some Sites Can Be Blocked:

The best part about the OgyMogy is that it not only highlights the problem but also provides a solution. With the web filtering feature, employers can block all the useless, distracting sites from the target company-owned devices.

Employee’s Skype Chat Is Shocking:

Skype is normally used as a medium to discuss work affairs and make official audio and video calls. Never that I know that this was the main gossip hub for all the employees. OgyMogy spy app for android offers Skype spy app features that help the user to know about the skype chat activities of the employees. One can know about all the contacts, call details and chat history of the employee very easily by using this app.

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Android spy app is a must-have for all employers who work from home. Not only that it can help the employers in normal circumstances as well. It lessens the burden of work from the boss and keeps the employees a little more attentive in terms of work tasks and progress. The employee monitoring features offered by the OgyMogy spy app can be an amazing addition to the monitoring system of any organization.


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